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Hardware & Network Training

Visual Informatics offers Best Hardware and Networking training in Ranchi, Jharkhand by highly experienced industry professionals. Our Training Institute in Ranchi is well furnished with advanced labs and we stress more on practical classes than theories as we believe every application course needs more of that. Professionals working in Hardware and Networking for more than 5 years have been carefully chosen to offer top class professional Hardware and Networking Training to candidates so that they can benefit from real time scenarios. Our highly skilled Instructors offering Hardware and Networking Training in Ranchi have practical knowledge as they implement their knowledge and expertise in their daily work

The Course content has been prepared by best Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Bangalore is carefully prepared considering different university curriculums to match the industry requirements. The matter covered in Hardware and Networking Training include latest and best practical examples that are aimed to help students secure a bright career in future.

We offer flexible class schedules so that candidates can opt for their convenient time to attend our classes.

Linux/ Unix Training

Visual Informatics offers and achieve -higher potential to your IT infrastructure by learning to use the standardized and finely tuned processes of the best tutorial in your enterprise surroundings. During this course, you gain the foundation data and skills to administer and support your Linux Operating System, and learn to manage permissions, method information, and use shell scripts to perform body tasks. This course uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux Concepts educated applicable to all or any distributions

What is Linux Training?

ASCII text file pros originally developed to be used for personal computers however currently broadly speaking used on smartphones, servers, mainframe computers, supercomputers, etc., Gain an edge on powerful operating data, as well as a deep understanding of significant Linux administration distributions.

IOS Training

Visual Informatics offers IOS certification coaching and unmatched IOS coaching by our skilled faculty in Ranchi. Our trained Instructors operating in IOS and connected technologies have comprehensive experience and train people on MNC level. Our accomplished IOS trainers offer iOS group training, IOS on-line coaching and IOS company coaching services. We have included Introduction to Development Mac OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder, Introduction to Objective-C, Cocoa style patterns, Memory Management, Objective -C ARC, Orientation and iPhone sensors, operating with TableView, Multi-View Applications, CoreGraphics and QuartzCore, Maps SDK, REST and SOAP services, XML and JSON Parsing, MultiTasking in IOS, Testing And preparation in this IOS course syllabus. Every topic is organized along with examples in sequence with expertise.

Android Development Training

Android Development Training with Visual Informatics is targeted towards Corporates, Individuals, Techsavvy candidates and students. It is an extensive hands-on training with a thoroughly prepared syllabus and a complete approach in Android application design and development. The Android development program will enable you with the deep knowledge of visualizing, building, programming and publishing an Android app. There is an important gap between the demand and supply of functional apps in the various features that you can join with the development knowledge.

Visual Informatics is a training institute that excels in empowering and aspiring Android developers and designers. We emphasize on a practical experience of implementing the theoretical knowledge into use unlike any other institute. We work with a faculty of accomplished and trained working professionals who are committed to grasp the knowledge horizon of the participants. We have evolved our curriculum based on the Industry oriented state of art technologies and always tend to impart knowledge based on the latest developments in the field.

Our approach involves live illustration on producing an application that helps the learners to internalize the methods and reproduce it achieving their career goals.

  • Basics of UNIX OS
  • Using VI Editor to edit files
  • Installing and managing RedHat OS
  • Package management using RPM
  • Services, Utilities, necessary Files and Directories
  • User and group administration
  • File System Security and Management
  • Advanced file system Management
  • Server Configurations
  • Shell Scripting and Kerberos
  • Configuring SMB Service, SMTP service and Virtualization
  • Advanced Security and Networking concepts
  • IPv6 configuration, Kickstart Installation
  • RedHat Linux Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to unix, installation of linux
  • User,group administration, acl
  • Disk partitions,by using fdisk
  • Mounting file systems, swap file system
  • Backup and recovery, tar, cpio
  • Basics of nfs, sharing data
  • Disk quotas, lvm, raid
  • Dhcp, dns, mail, web, FTP